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Our Fees

We have a base membership fee for joining Trojans Club, and section fees which are charge in addition. Fees are collected via Direct Debit. When you join the club, you will receive an email to set up your Direct Debit mandate. If you wish to pay via some other method, please contact the club to discuss the options available.

Trojans Club Fees
Annual Monthly
Playing (age 0-17) £80 £6.67
Playing (age 18+) £143 £11.91
Non Playing (age 18+) £80 £6.67
Selecting a GoCardless (Direct Debit) payment method is preferred as it helps reduce our club administration

By submitting this form I accept that Trojans Club will store my details in accordance with its Privacy Policy and that I will abide by the club's other policies (see Policies page) and those of any club section that I join.